Solar System Discount

  • 👉 1.2Kw Discount Price: 122700 - Retail Price: 182700
  • 👉 2.5Kw Discount Price: 232700 - Retail Price: 372700
  • 👉 3.5Kw Discount Price: 510700 - Retail Price: 625700

Solar Panel Discount

  • 👉 Inverex 170w Price: 7900 - Retail Price: 13500
  • 👉 Inverex 540w Price: 38400 - Retail Price: 48500
  • 👉 Jinko 1000w Price: 64800 - Retail Price: 81000
  • 👉 Jinko 630w Price: 39803 - Retail Price: 51030
  • 👉 Jinko 585w Price: 36960 - Retail Price: 47385
  • 👉 Jinko 475w Price: 30010 - Retail Price: 38475
  • 👉 Trina 550w Price: 34800 - Retail Price: 44500
  • 👉 Trina 490w Price: 28599 - Retail Price: 37200
  • 👉 JA 420w Price: 24885 - Retail Price: 33180
  • 👉 JA 540w Price: 31590 - Retail Price: 42120
  • 👉 Lnogi 540w Price: 31590 - Retail Price: 42120
  • 👉 Longi 380w Price: 21375 - Retail Price: 28500
  • 👉 Canadian 665w Price: 35411 - Retail Price: 47215
  • 👉 Canadian 540w Price: 30375 - Retail Price: 40500

On the website, we have provided a list of Jinko products. You have to go through the list of products and choose one. For example, you decide to purchase Jinko Tiger Neo N-Type – 1000 watts. The price is mentioned in front of the product watt number. We have created various slots on our websites.

The slots are categorized into Product price, Down Payment, interest rate, and year. You have to enter the details on the slots. The digitized calculator design is to help you make an installment plan according to the model you prefer. You have to enter the price of the product, the down payment that you can pay, the interest rate, and payment tenure. You can select various models and add the amount to the calculator. Click on calculate, and the website will provide you with a detailed monthly payment plan according to the year you enter the slot. You can review the Solar panel installment plan and then apply if you are satisfied with the plan. When you click on apply, you have to enter the contact details, and our customer representative will contact you within 24 hours.

Our goal is to provide financial assistance to people from the working class. Along with financial assistance plans like Solar panel installment and loan plans, we try our best to aid the client during purchasing. We have created an automatic digitized calculator on our website. The calculator will help you choose the best plan according to your preferences. Firstly, you need to know that the installment plan is with or without taxes. If you are a tax filer, then you do not have to pay 2.5% of the total amount. If you are a non-tax filer, then you have to pay a 2.5% tax on the total price. Tax laws are imposed by the Government of Pakistan.