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Our finance loan company aims to facilitate people of the working class whose income is as low as 25 thousand. Our objective is to enable and help people from the lower classes who cannot afford costly auto rickshaws, Sazgar 125, Sazgar Pridor, and other product auto rickshaw models. AA Finance Pakistan works for people who want to avail themselves of auto rickshaws but are restrained due to financial issues. AA Finance Pakistan is a visionary finance loan company that provides affordable installment plans and values customers.

We are a client-driven finance loan company. We provide the best financial plans to accommodate our clients to the fullest. We have divided our installment plans into three sections according to the customer’s source of income. Salary, self-employed professional, and businessman are the three categories. We have also created four options according to the person’s salary. The four divisions according to income are: twenty-five thousand, fifty thousand, seventy-five thousand, and above one lac.