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AA Finance Pakistan intends to provide auto rickshaws at affordable prices. Our finance company enables people from the working class to avail themselves of auto rickshaws from efficient, economically feasible, and globally recognized brands. The company aims to provide auto rickshaw, and battery products at innovative prices with easy instalment plans. We provide the most fuel-efficient auto rickshaws at the lowest prices across Pakistan.

Our company provides a variety of auto rickshaws. The auto rickshaws differ according to their sub-types and categories. Sazgar motorcycles are classified as Sazgar 125, Sazgar 125 Self, Sazgar Pilot, and Sazgar Dream, for example, Sazgar 200CC Deluxe Mini or Sazgar 125. We have provided the best of each deal on our website. Other than loan companies, we also provide auto rickshaws from other well-known and cost-effective brands.