Many people in Pakistan do not have the means to buy expensive Solar panels. Solar energy is a renewable source of energy and it is perfect for Pakistani weather conditions. Turning to low-energy consumption options saves you from the headache of paying high electricity bills. The shortage of electricity and costly bills compel individuals to look for affordable and cost-saving energy resources.


AA Finance Pakistan, a finance loan company aims to provide Solar panel facilities in the most possible affordable manner. Our company provides financial facilities to people who cannot afford expensive panels. We provide innovative prices, financial plans, installment plans, and loans to make buying Solar panels easy for our customers. With rising inflation, AA Finance Pakistan works on encouraging people by providing Solar panels on installments and loans. We give you a range of flexible plans varying from person to person according to their income. We have a wide network and branches across Pakistan to enable and help people from all cities to switch to affordable Solar panels. Our branch offices have representatives available to guide and provide the details. We are a customer-centric company, aiming to facilitate our clients from across Pakistan.

AA Finance loan company provides Solar panels from a well-known Solar brand called Canadian. The brand has been a global leader in the Solar panel industry for ages. Canadian is the most trusted brand and provides durable, energy-efficient, and long-lasting Solar panels in Pakistan. Other than Solar panels, our company provides premium quality Inverex inverters and cost-effective Solar batteries. The price of Canadian Solar panel 540 Watts is PKR 22,800. This Solar panel is available in easy installments. This price is the lowest in all of Pakistan. We also offer a range of discounts on products like Solar batteries, Solar panels, and Inverex inverters.

We have a price calculator on our company website, that will provide you with the Solar panel installment plan based on your income. The installment plan will guide you about the payment tenure depending on the income information you provide on the website. On our website, you will find a variety of Canadian Solar panels at reasonable prices. Canadian Solar panels have varying prices considering the type of technology. We provide discounts on all Solar panels making it the most affordable option in Pakistan. Goal and vision of AA financing Pakistan is to help people switch to Solar panels that cannot afford expensive panels. Our company aims to provide the best Solar panels from a well-known brand like Canadian at cost-effective prices, easy installments, and loans.